The EU and the USA have leadership in nanotechnolgy for production, materials and use beyond, and meet regularly to assess risks and further development of this new technology. The US-EU dialogue “bridging nano EHS research” has the goals to engange in an active discussion about environmental, health, and safety questions for nano-enabled products, to encourage joint programmes of work, and to support scientists. NMP is an area dealt with also under the TEC. As key enabling technology, nanotechnology is recognised as a potentially huge source of innovation, leading to growth and jobs. On US side, bodies such as NSF, NIST, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) are important. The project partner ZSI coordinated one of the largest FP7 science communication projects on nanotechnologies; representatives of the European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies (EuMat) and the German Engineering Federation have confirmed their membership in the NMP SEWG.