BILAT USA 4.0 is a coordination and support action, which means that the project itself neither does research, nor provides funding for research. It consists of various coordination and networking activities at the project, programme and policy levels including:

  • coordination and networking activities, dissemination and use of knowledge among STI communities and actors in USA and in Europe
  • studies and analyses providing inputs on the implementation of the H2020, addressing the bottlenecks in the international cooperation context
  • facilitate knowledge transfer and sharing best practice exchange in technology transfer, industry-academia cooperation
  • actions to stimulate news European- US partnerships and participation of research organizations, universities, companies (with an emphasis on SMEs), civil society and their networks jointly in H2020 programme

Considering these activities, the project target groups /external stakeholders are identified as follows:

  • European Commission, Joint Consultative Group (JCG), Strategic Forum for International Science and Technology Cooperation (SFIC)
  • National Governments (USA, Member States (MS), Associated Countries (AC))
  • Funding agencies
  • Researchers, research organizations
  • Research managers
  • Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs)
  • Universities
  • Industry, private sector (including SMEs)
  • Clusters, Competence Centers. Technology Platforms
  • Other networks, initiatives, projects
  • EU Multinational Initiatives
  • Public at large

During the course of the project the key messages to be delivered to target groups will be:

  • Project Events: Invitation to project events, tailored workshops and dissemination of results of the events
  • Project Deliverables: dissemination of the project deliverables
  • Project Updates, Activities

In order to facilitate the navigation on the web-site all news, events, documents will be classified for the following main target groups:

  • universities-research-organizations-researchers
  • companies
  • policy-makers
  • agencies-intermediaries