Responsible Research and Innovation in Practice


RRI-Practice is a 3-year project under Horizon 2020. Its aim is to understand the barriers and drivers to the successful implementation of RRI both in European and global contexts; to promote reflection on organisational structures and cultures of research conducting and research funding organisations; and to identify and support best practices to facilitate the uptake of RRI in organisations and research programmes. The project will review RRI related work in 22 research conducting and research funding organisations and will develop RRI Outlooks outlining RRI objectives, targets and indicators for each organisation.


So far the project has focused on mapping the understanding of responsibility in research and innovation in the different partner countries and among different stakeholders, as well as mapping relevant practices. This is important, especially for studying the organisations as open systems, which operate in a context where meanings are translated and expectations negotiated. RRI workshops have been held in all twelve partner countries. The workshops have shown a surprising willingness of stakeholders in all countries to discuss their policies and practices in RRI terms, even when they were not initially familiar with the concept.

Impact in international / European cooperation

On the long-run, RRI Practice seeks to change the way research and innovation is carried out in the countries involved as well as increasing ability to generate research and innovation reflecting societal needs. Increased uptake of RRI practices and increased support for actions related to responsible research and innovation in Europe and globally are also among the expected impacts

At a glance

Funding programme Horizon2020
Thematic area Supporting strcutral change in research organisations to promote Responsible Research and Innovation
Duration December 2018 — December 2018
Budget €3,635,413
Keywords Research Ethics, CSR, Gender Balance, Open Access, Public Engagement, Sciences Education, RRI
Coordinator Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences HiOA, Norway