Bioinformatics for spatial metabolomics


METASPACE projects is focused on the rapidly developing area of spatial metabolomics, in particular, by using imaging mass spectrometry. METASPACE aims to develop computational methods for molecular identification and interpretation of imaging mass spectrometry data and implement them using high-performance cloud computing technologies.


METASPACE developed a cloud software which integrates a molecular annotation engine, webapp, and a public knowledge base of spatial metabolomes in health and disease. The knowledge base is continuously-populated by the community and already by mid 2018 includes data from more than 3000 submissions including animal models and cancer cohorts.

Impact in international / European cooperation

In the future, METASPACE aims to provide an open platform for Artificial Intelligence in metabolomics to address the metabolism questions of health and disease.

At a glance

Funding programme Horizon2020
Thematic area Advancing bioinformatics to meet biomedical and clinical needs
Duration September 2018 — September 2018
Budget €2,998,944
Keywords Bioinformatics, Imaging, Metabolomics
Coordinator European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany