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EU-PolarNet's ambition is to connect science with society and to support the European Commission in polar related questions and topics. EU-PolarNet aims to improve co-ordination between EU member polar research institutions, building on existing networks to create a resource-orientated infrastructure access and usage plan. This plan would allow for the co-ordination of data and infrastructure between all the partner organisations. The project will develop an integrated EU Polar research programme by identifying short and long-term scientific needs and optimising the use of co-ordinated Polar infrastructure for multi-platform science missions whilst fostering trans-disciplinary collaboration on Polar research. EU-PolarNet will also create and sustain ongoing dialogue and co-operation with Polar stakeholders by supporting meaningful interaction to shape future research, exchange key information and foster joint involvement.


The establishment of the European polar priorities by high-level experts mobilised a large part of the scientific community from EU countries and is a very good example of an improvement of polar research cooperation. The range of national and international connections that have been facilitated by the EU-PolarNet consortium through its first successful Town Hall meeting and its virtual tools. Being a partner of the EC-Canada-US working group on the Implementation of the Transatlantic Research Alliance, it works intensively with Transatlantic partners and the EC to define and implement research topics of joint interest. EU-PolarNet contributed to policy advice at national and EU level" by answering several requests from the EC and supporting them e.g. in the preparation of new Arctic Strategy and the Arctic Science Ministerial Meeting in Washington. EU-PolarNet implemented a Policy Guidance Panel consisting of experts from the economic, scientific and societal sectors. They will provide evidence-based advice through EU-PolarNet. 

Impact in international / European cooperation

• Increasing the scale and ambition of polar research cooperation in Europe by establishing of European polar priorities by high-level experts;

• Increasing the coherent and efficient use of European resources with the aim of allowing scientists to easily discover how to access polar research infrastructure in their countries and across Europe;

• Improving global cooperation by developing strong links to all relevant international and European organisations and networks engaged in the Polar Regions;

• A clearer picture of existing European polar data management structures via access to free, open and high quality data;

• Policy advice at national and EU level  by supporting the EC in the preparation of new Arctic Strategy and via the implementation of a Policy Guidance Panel of experts.

At a glance

Funding programme Horizon2020
Thematic area European polar research cooperation
Duration March 2015 — February 2020
Budget €2,174,503
Keywords Polar Research
Coordinator Alfred Wegner Institut Helmholtz Zentrum fur Polar und Meeresforschung, Germany


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