Closed Loop Windfarm Control


CL-Windcon will address multi-fidelity dynamic modelling, and open and closed-loop advanced control algorithms at a farm level by treating the entire wind farm as a comprehensive real-time optimization problem.


During the first half of the project, three reference wind farm layouts have been specified and shared between the partners. Different multi-fidelity wind farm and wake models have been analyzed and in some cases extended to meet the project needs. The high fidelity model (SOWFA) has been prepared and set up with the reference wind farm layouts.
Wind turbine control in terms of down-regulation and active yaw control has been analyzed for further implementation of wind farm applications. A baseline Fast-compatible controller has been implemented.
Three wind tunnel test campaigns have already been completed and the field test definition has been accomplished, starting with the instrumentation phase.
20 scientific papers have already been published with the technical work of the project, and a solid structure of communication and dissemination has been created to make publicly available the project information and results.


Impact in international / European cooperation

It is expected that the project will reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs, improving turbine and farm-level reliability and availability. A detailed analysis of economic, environmental and standards impact of the technical improvements resulting from the project will also be performed.

At a glance

Funding programme Horizon2020
Thematic area Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling
Duration November 2016 — October 2019
Budget €4,931,422
Keywords Wind Farm Control, Wind Energy Production and Control
Coordinator Fundacion CENER-CIEMAT Spain


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