Horizon 2020 Guide for US researchers


A Guide to US participation in the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020).

This guide is intended to help US researchers and innovators find and take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with European colleagues in Horizon 2020, the Eighth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union. The guide describes the program architecture, identifies specific opportunities for US researchers, explains specific rules and regulations for participation and funding in Europe, how to prepare an application, negotiate grants and consortium agreements, manage a project and protect intellectual property rights.

Structure of the Guide

Chapter I: First Considerations provides a brief portrait of US-EU collaboration and introduces Horizon 2020. The chapter emphasizes elements of primary importance to US researchers and innovators considering participation in Horizon 2020: the policy context and program architecture as well as the ground rules governing participation, funding and intellectual property rights.
Chapter II: Getting Started presents the most important on-line sources of information about Horizon 2020 and explains the first steps to take for organizations and individuals planning to participate: how to open an account, register an organization, apply to be an expert/evaluator and find potential European partners.
Chapter III: Step-by-Step: Excellent Science presents opportunities for US researchers to participate in the mobility, training and career development programs of Horizon 2020 as well as possibilities for collaboration on the development of future and emerging technologies. The second half of the chapter explains how to prepare a proposal, negotiate a grant agreement and manage such projects.
Chapter IV: Step-by-Step: Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges focuses on the opportunities for US participants in collaborative projects on enabling and industrial technologies as well as major societal challenges and cross-cutting initiatives. As in the previous chapter, a subsection is dedicated to proposal preparation, negotiation of a grant agreement and project management.
Chapter V: Finding Support provides contact information for the main sources of advice available to US researchers and research organizations seeking to participate in Horizon 2020 projects.