Project Deliverable Agencies, Intermediaries
The US has a limited number of schemes that support projects abroad involving academia-industry cooperation. It has however schemes to support foreign researchers to conduct research activities in the United States (US) such as post doc opportunities. Regarding the situation at the European Union (EU) level, there are several programmes that support international cooperation, including foreign researchers mainly through EU supporting programmes. The report focuses on showing support schemes that exist at the EU and US level. Support for academia-industry cooperation in the US happens at both the Federal and state level. In Europe, this cooperation happens at both the EU and Member States (MS) levels. In this sense, the report includes an overview through selected examples of the processes employed at the Federal and state levels from the US side and at the European Commission (EC) and MS levels that encourage academia-industry cooperation. Additionally, it is relevant to note that many US universities have their own programmes or processes for coordinating with industry.