Questionnaire on the service demand for European Centres of Research and Innovation in Brazil, China and the United States

The European Commission is funding the establishment of three European Research and Innovation Centres through the Horizon 2020 Programme in Brazil (CEBRABIC), in China (ERICENA) and in the United States (NearUS). These Centres will provide a comprehensive and diverse range of services to support and facilitate collaboration in…

Dear Colleague Letter: Research Opportunities in Europe for NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellows

To further scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the United States, an Implementing Arrangement was signed on July 13, 2012 to enable U.S. scientists and engineers with NSF-funded CAREER awards and Postdoctoral Research Fellowships to pursue research collaboration with European colleagues supported through EU-funded European Research Council…

Overview of Priority 6: International Cooperation in National ERA Road Maps

By March 2017, 23 National ERA action plans and strategies were made available (in English) in the ERA Portal Austria. As 3 of them did not address directly the 6th priority: international cooperation, the 20 remaining Roadmaps have been reviewed to underline the objectives and related measures, that were considered…

Do not miss BILAT USA 4.0 first webinar on: “HORIZON 2020: Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions. Focus on Individual Fellowship (IF)”.

When? 10th of April at 4PM CET – 10AM EST Angelo D’Agostino National Contact Point for the MSCA and Dimah Mahmoud from the EURAXESS Link North America will speak about the opportunities under the MSCA Individual Fellowship Programme.

PICASSO Opportunity Report- Towards Enchanced EU-US ICT Pre-competitive Collaboration Published

PICASSO project just issued an Opportunity Report "Towards Enhanced EU‐US ICT Pre‐competitive Collaboration”, available here:

Strategic Research Agenda for EU-US Collaboration on modelling and simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

The recently finished EC-cofunded project TAMS4CPS published its recommendations in late January by way of a Strategic Research Agenda for EU-US Collaboration on modelling and simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

100 Gbps link to Europe lights up to delight researchers

AEConnect cable expands university research networking Researchers are getting another 100 Gbps of dedicated connectivity between America and Europe, courtesy of a link on the AEConnect cable activated by Indiana University.

FAQ on EU-US Implementing Arrangement

On 17 October 2016 the European Commission and the US Government signed an arrangement which facilitates cooperation between US organisations and Horizon 2020 participants. The aim of the arrangement is to enable US researchers to cooperate with Horizon 2020 projects outside the framework of the grant agreement, and to increase…

Practical Guide to Improving Gender Equality in Research Organisations

On 6 February 2017, Science Europe published a Practical Guide to Improving Gender Equality in Research Organisations. This guide aims at providing a backbone for the implementation of gender equality in different research funding and performing organisations across Europe. It starts by listing recommendations for the implementation of appropriate indicators,…