Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS)

The European Commission has launched an online tool to help analyse the effectiveness of transport innovation in delivering the EU’s energy and transport strategy 

The Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System, or TRIMIS, maps and analyses research trends and innovation capacities across Europe's transport sector. TRIMIS supports transport policy makers and researchers by helping to identify innovations with the greatest promise for the future, and aid policy makers to focus on areas where public intervention can create the highest added value.

Transport research projects are arranged within the seven Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA) roadmaps that were adopted in the "Europe on the Move" package in May 2017. These cover a number of areas, namely: cooperative, connected and automated transport; transport electrification; vehicle design and manufacturing; low-emission alternative energy for transport; network and traffic management systems; smart mobility and services; infrastructure.

TRIMIS will monitor the effectiveness of research funded at EU or Member State level by assessing how research projects contribute to a clean, connected and competitive European transport system.

The TRIMIS platform, developed and implemented by the JRC on behalf of Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, is an evolution of the Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP), which it replaces, and incorporates the latter’s database of over 10,000 EU and national transport research projects.


TRIMIS will:

  • Make available, through an advanced search engine, all EU and national transport Research & Innovation projects (with their results)
  • Map and analyse research trends and innovation capacities across Europe's transport sector
  • Highlight mature innovations with the greatest promise for the future (helping to bridge the valley of death to deployment)
  • Monitor the effectiveness of transport research programmes and funding at EU and Member State level
  • Identify gaps and priorities in transport research, to focus EU intervention on achieving higher impact
  •  Support the design and implementation of the Strategic Transport Research & Innovation Agenda (STRIA) roadmaps, presented in the Mobility Package in May 2017
  • Contribute to the delivery of EU's energy, climate and transport policy goals

TRIMIS is being led and funded by DG MOVE and managed by the Joint Research Centre.

For further information on TRIMIS, please refer to DG MOVE's Press Release and sign up to regular updates on European transport Research & Innovation on the TRIMIS site.

A number of communication activities on TRIMIS will be taking place in the future (including at TRA 2018) and there will already be live demonstration at the EC/DG MOVE stand throughout the CEF Conference in Tallinn on 21-22 September.