Call for proposals for the Pilot project Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs (EYE) Global

This call for proposals concerns the implementation of a pilot project initiated by the European Parliament on the geographical extension of the current "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs" (EYE) programme. It aims to further foster cross-border transfer of knowledge and experience, entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurship.

The overall objective of the call is to support new or aspiring European entrepreneurs in the crucial phase of establishing, running and growing their business by working together with an experienced entrepreneur from a country outside the European Union.  More specifically, the USA (max. 2 U. S. states), Israel and one third country in Asia selected from Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.
New entrepreneurs should be able to develop their entrepreneurial skills, international outlook and competitiveness.

The purpose of this call is to select one organisation/consortium which will recruit host entrepreneurs from the USA (max. 2 U.S. states), Israel and a third country in Asia and manage their successful exchanges with at least 120 new entrepreneurs from the European Union.

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