Innovative industries for smart growth Conference

30 - 31 October 2018

The European conference “INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - Innovative industries for smart growth” (INDTECH2018) will take place in Vienna from 30 to 31 October 2018 as an associated event of the Austrian EU Council presidency.

The focus of the conference will be on:

  • Presenting applied research on Nanotechnology, Materials and Advanced Production including applications.
  • Feedback from the community providing policy advice.
  • Presenting first insights in the upcoming FP9 of the European Commission.
  • Networking opportunities for industry, especially SMEs, and research.

Conference will include:

  • Presentations of industry leaders, scientists and researchers, innovation leaders and public decision-makers.
  • Parallel thematic sessions, workshops and meetings.
  • Interactive panel discussions, fish bowls and world cafés.
  • Presenting innovative companies through a site visit.
  • Presenting successful R&I projects and leading science and research institutions.
  • Organising a matchmaking event for stakeholders as well as providing manifold opportunities for networking and research consortia building.
  • Press events and coordinated media activities.



  • 1.000 participants representing all type of stakeholders (policy makers, stakeholders from R&I institutions, industrial platforms, public bodies, companies and industrial federations)


Event web-site: