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The project PICASSO “ICT Policy, Research and Innovation for a Smart Society: towards new avenues in EU-US ICT collaboration“, funded under the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, brings together EU and US prominent specialists with the aim of reinforcing EU-US ICT collaboration in pre-competitive research in key enabling technologies related to societal challenges of common interest – 5G Networks, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems – and to support the EU-US ICT policy dialogue.

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Questionnaire on the service demand for European Centres of Research and Innovation in Brazil, China and the United States

The European Commission is funding the establishment of three European Research and Innovation Centres through the Horizon 2020 Programme in Brazil (CEBRABIC), in China (ERICENA) and in the…

Dear Colleague Letter: Research Opportunities in Europe for NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellows

To further scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the United States, an Implementing Arrangement was signed on July 13, 2012 to enable U.S. scientists and engineers with…

Overview of Priority 6: International Cooperation in National ERA Road Maps

By March 2017, 23 National ERA action plans and strategies were made available (in English) in the ERA Portal Austria. As 3 of them did not address directly the 6th…

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High-level EU Cluster Mission to the USA

From 15th to 19th May 2017, a High-Level EU Cluster Mission to the USA organised by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform and BILAT USA 4.0, seeks…

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International Conference on Graphene and Semiconductors | 24-26 July 2017, Chicago, USA

The International Conference on Graphene and Semiconductors is to be held at Chicago, USA during July 17-19, 2017 Organized by Conference series LLC.